Brand new at the Orso Grigio: our new panoramic sauna!

On December 2018, we opend our brand new sauna facility: as our guest, you can enjoy a Finnish sauna, a low-temperature sauna and a steam bath sauna. The use of saunas as relaxing and health-promoting wellness facilities will be a key element of our hotel. Enjoy the experience!

An exceptional sauna experience under a starry sky
Could you imagine the Boutique & Gourmet Hotel Orso Grigio without its modern, elegantly designed sauna landscape? We have installed a new sauna section on our panoramic terrace, high above the roofs of San Candido/Innichen, with a clear view of the church towers and the local mountain, the Innichberg. In this ambiance of absolute wellness, we carry you off into a new world, a source of relaxation, regeneration and inspiration. Let yourself be pampered, let go of everything and find a new balance. Enjoy the successful combination of architectural elegance with a clear-cut design, local craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.

Take a sauna: a health-promoting pleasure
Relax and find a pleasant balance. Regenerate in the sauna of your choice:
Apart from a Finish sauna we also offer a steam bath and a low temperature hay sauna, two more gentle alternatives to the traditional Finish saunas. After a sauna session and for the times in between, the relaxation room with its harmonious features, inviting colours and lighting and the amazing panoramic views, offers the right environment for a lasting effect.

Why do people decide to sit in an overheated room?
It has been known for approximately 2000 years: a visit to the sauna is a relaxing ritual, both stimulating and regenerating. The steam which is released detoxifies and cleanses the skin and improves your sleep. The change in conditions between warm and cold are a type of fitness exercise for your organism to form antibodies that strengthen your immune system.

Please note: it is not permitted to wear a swimsuit when using our sauna      

L'elegantissima zona umida con bagno di vapore in hotel   La elegante sauna finlandese dall'interno   -c-hannes-niederkofler-web-5903   Sauna al fieno, um modo naturale e morbido per fare la sauna