Like our fellow citizens, we are strictly adhering to the health and safety guidelines required by government authorities. We all agree that this overwhelming crisis can only be overcome if everyone implements correct behavior. While we are in lockdown at the hotel, aside from following the regulatory mandate, we are also preparing for the post-crisis period. We would like to create the conditions for making a safe summer holiday possible, a vacation that will meet the needs and desires of our guests for a sense of normality - a premium vacation after this challenging situation. Thus, we are taking extra measures that will provide a holiday in reassuring conditions. The Bear would like to be a post-corona refuge, to offer an atmosphere of leisure - a return to our cherished lifestyle.

Below are the health and safety measures we have implemented to help ensure you have a pleasant and relaxing stay :
• We will practice a friendly, but social distancing relationship
• All Orso Grigio team members will wear a face mask and gloves, and will measure their temperature daily
• Hotel guests are required to wear a face mask in all common areas/rooms
• Tables are arranged to allow for the required 1,0-meter social distancing protocol
• Before serving yourself at the buffet, please remember to wear your face mask and disinfect your hands
• In-room meal service is available at a small additional cost (€ 10 for breakfast and € 20 for dinner).
  Please provide ample time when requesting this service.
• Our restaurant and beverage menus are available in digital format on our website
• The surfaces of rooms and common areas are disinfected according to health and safety regulations
• Special attention is given to properly ventilate common areas/rooms
• Sanitization stations to disinfect hands are placed in various areas of the hotel
• If you want to minimize exposure from outsiders in your room after arrival (such as housekeeping staff),
  you may waive daily housekeeping and cleaning services. By waving this service, you save € 8.00 per day;
  the amount will be adjusted in the extras
• A thermal scanner is always available at the hotel
• When you check-in, you will receive useful suggestions and hotel guidelines to help ensure a pleasant stay

These regulations have been adopted as a result of Italian legislation of June 26, 2020, in order to prevent the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus as our hotel resumes its activities.

This summer season the following flexible cancellation policies apply:
June no penalty up to 24 hours before arrival
July no penalty up to 3 days before arrival
August no penalty up to 7 days before arrival
September no penalty up to 3 days before arrival

Given the uncertainty of the general situation, these measures will be updated continuously!