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Action & Relax in summer

San Candido was already a coveted destination for vacationers and pioneering mountain hikers 150 years ago. Tourists appreciated the paths and clean air in the valley, while hikers hunted for the challenges in rarefied air. Today, San Candido is a summer destination that offers a wide variety of recreational activities:
mountain biking, cycling, golf, mountain climbing, walks, excursions. The Boutique & Gourmet Hotel Orso Grigio is the best place to get started with all these sports.

Orso Hotel in Innichen


In summer San Candido offers:

vie ferrate and mountain climbing

paths and walks

bike paths

We offer:

free bicycle rental

weekly communal hike

maps and tips

Orso Hotel in Innichen

Pleasantly fresh

After an excursion with beautiful landscape views, a walk in nature along the valley, a mountain climb or a challenging bicycle tour – the Boutique & Gourmet Hotel Orso Grigio welcomes you with an afternoon buffet of fresh fruit and fruit juice on the rooftop terrace. Revel in the peace and tranquility, and enjoy the view from a sun-lounger or from our panoramic sauna.

Orso Hotel in Innichen

The Piazza, our stage

Anyone who stays at the Boutique & Gourmet Hotel Orso Grigio is onstage. Whether you want to be an actor or an observer, you will always be a part of our town life. You can be the protagonist behind your curtain window, while you read a newspaper or have a drink in the outdoor café, while shopping or simply strolling in town. Our secret is out: the unique ambience of the hotel and bar have been the filming location for movies!

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