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Our juicing menu for breakfast and snack!

We enjoy going out of our way to spoil our guests by offering exceptional regional ingredients and products sourced at zero food miles.

Treat your taste buds to a world of flavors and fragrant aromas at the Orso Grigio with our inspiring fruit juice menu.

Start your day with our breakfast buffet and revitalizing Kohl juices. They come directly from the Renon plateau, near Bolzano. Kohl juices are masterfully crafted using 6 different varieties of apples which, combined with other fruits, create harmonious juice concoctions of the highest quality.

Whether you’re taking a breather in the lobby or on the terrace, sip on comforting Kohl juices, refreshing apple juice straight from the Tschauphof Farm (located in Montagna – BZ) or elderberry syrup from the nearby Beerenhof Farm in Villabassa.

Indulge in glorious raspberry syrup from the Partschillerhof Farm (Fié allo Sciliar – BZ) and delicious Annalena apple-blackberry or apple-orange-carrot juice creations at the Orso bar.

Frühstücksbuffet Säfte
4 Sterne
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