4 Sterne

An evening to celebrate ourselves

As every year at the end of summer, our iconic dinner with the whole “Orso team” is not to be missed. For one evening we leave work aside and celebrate! This year the crowd was bigger than usual, almost everyone was there and we spent a wonderful evening together: at the Seiterhof in Dobbiaco with good food and good wine.

Franz’s famous joint toast at the beginning of the evening was unavoidable; white wine, red wine, water and cola, the main thing is to toast together!

Between courses, Sebastian (service) entertained the table: throughout the evening, he regaled us with an extensive playlist of Neapolitan songs that invited laughter. He was supported by Veronica (kitchen) and Leandro (kitchen), who introduced him to southern traditions.
And speaking of a star couple, we cannot fail to mention Alex (the very best) and Nicholas (Kitchen), a man from Padua and one from Trieste. Together they entertain even the most serious person with their speeches, without any sense, but still funny.

For some of us, the evening continued after dinner. There were a few goodbyes, maybe even a few tears were shed, some went on well-deserved holidays and will return for the winter season, while others have decided to take on new challenges.To the latter we send our heartfelt greetings & thanks and wish them the best of luck for their future!We, the bereaved ones are always there in any case and look forward to the autumn season together. This month looks to be a colourful autumn.For you dear guests, we are open with overnight accommodation and a fantastic breakfast from the buffet and à la carte.

4 Sterne
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