Our End-of-Season Company Outing


4 Sterne

As the end of the winter season loomed on the horizon, we decided to organize a company outing to celebrate the hard work and successes of the past few months together. Last week was finally the time: almost the entire team came together to experience this special day.

Our journey began in the afternoon at half past two. With great anticipation, we set off for Brixen. Our destination was the Kuenhof winery, known for its excellent wines. The winery tour offered us not only a glimpse into the art of winemaking but also the opportunity to taste some of the best wines. It was a welcome chance to relax together and enjoy the fruits of the region.

After the wine tasting, our path took us to St. Lorenzen. Here, more team members joined us, and together we headed to the Saalerwirt in Maria Saalen. This place, known for its coziness and delicious food, was the perfect conclusion to our day. In a relaxed atmosphere, with good food and story exchanges, we laughed and reflected on the past season.

This end-of-winter season outing was a great opportunity to strengthen team spirit and motivate us for future challenges. It was a day that reminded us that, in addition to hard work, shared experiences also count.

4 Sterne
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