Unique Experience: Wine Tasting – “Wine & Snow” 2024

4 Sterne

We are delighted to share the exceptional journey through the flavors and stories of wines experienced during the “Wine&Snow” 2024 event, held on February 8th and 9th at our enchanting hotel. As every year, Mr. Franz aimed to delight wine lovers by offering them a comprehensive experience.

During two unforgettable evenings, guests were offered the chance to participate in a sensory exploration dedicated to two enological jewels: the refined Cabernet Franc (sought-after labels from Italy, Hungary, Argentina, France, the United States, Austria) on the first evening, and an exclusive selection of Chardonnay and Sauvignon from Walter Polz (Austria – Hochgrassnitzberg and Obegg vineyards) and the same grapes (Au and Rachtl) from Christoph Tiefenbrunner’s Estate on the second.

Guided by the expertise of their producers and the Sommelier Tscholl Christoph, guests had the opportunity to dive deep into the selected wines, tasting hidden vintages to keep the suspense and excitement of the experience alive.

The company of enthusiasts present was enveloped by the timeless stories of the vineyards, tasting with attention and concentration.

After the tasting, the culinary journey continued with a delicious aperitif followed by a gourmet menu, created by our hotel’s Chef Rocco Ferraro to enhance and harmonize the flavors of the presented wines. From refined seafood starters to meat main courses, each dish was carefully designed to elevate the culinary experience to the highest level. Our chefs, as always, sought to convey strong emotions and unique sensations to the diners through the bold and decisive flavor and fragrances of each proposed course.

This experience represented a stroll through the secrets and delights of the vineyards, leaving a trail of emotions and indelible memories.

Stay tuned for further details and future appointments on upcoming wine and culinary adventures!

4 Sterne
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