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South Tyrol’s most important grape

Autoctone grape varieties are becoming more and more important. This is also true of the Vernatsch grape variety, which is native to South Tyrol. For many years it was undervalued and of low quality. In the last 20 years it has been rediscovered as a great grape variety. Among the many, Pfannenstielhof is one of those that presses great wines from it. An interim highlight: The St. Magdalener “Der Pfannenstiel”, aged for 5 years in steel barrels.

Here is a short description:

Johannes Pfeifer has it down to a tee: St. Magdalener classico DER PFANNENSTIEL. 2018 – a St. Magdalener matured for five years!

The Vernatsch grapes wash as a mixed set with about 5% Lagrein on moraine debris soils of quartz porphyry and dolomite material and are fermented in stainless steel. After malolactic fermentation, the wine matures for more than four years in steel tanks, then for a few months in the bottle.

Due to its maturity, DER PFANNENSTIEL. shows the complexity and longevity of a St. Magdalener. This special wine convinces with its fullness, density and maturity without missing the typical fruit.

4 Sterne
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